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For the fun-loving child in you, there are activities aplenty. Be it a wide range of indoor and outdoor games or the enticing campfire at dusk, we at Aralluguppe HomeStay leave no stone unturned to ensure total entertainment to our guests. What you need you get – pressed down flowing over. No compromises, no qualms – but unlimited fun guaranteed! This is our sole motto – to make our guests happy, contented and relaxed. Get in touch with our team to know more about the exciting activities planned each day. Have fun, spread cheer and bring out the laughter.

Table Tennis: one of the most refreshing games. Get your bats and whiz off! A great way to give yourself a quick exercise and keep your senses and reflexes in good shape. You need that instant energy kick before you venture out. So, lets ping-pong the moment!

Chess: Best played after lunch, an involving game of Chess with your loved one will be fun and brainy at the same time. As a matter of fact, Chess was invented by Royalty wherein the kings of yore would play around with real soldiers as pawns. So put on your thinking hats!

Foosball: For those who feel Chess is overtly for the ‘smart’ ones – do not worry as you can have more fun playing Foosball – a lively and exciting indoor game. Find a game partner and you are ready to go. Foosball is a great alternative if you love soccer but are not willing to dirty your shoes. Foosball will provide the same excitement with a different set of rules. You single-handedly can win the match! Get going!

Swimming pool: After a tiring day of walks, treks and enjoyment – jump into the pool to re-energize your bodies for the next day. There are few joys in the world that can match swimming with your near and dear ones. The pleasant cool breeze will surely leave you with lasting goosebumps while you swim around!

Campfire: Bonfire! Yes, no vacation is complete without the Campfire. The best thing to do after dinner. Cool weather, misty dew drops and a blazing fire in the midst – the perfect romance of nature with nature. Spend time singing, playing party games and finally just warming up together in ecstatic silence!